Flexibility was a key to our success in working with Bayview
- Frank S. :: Forestry

Their guidence & capital turned our red ink black.
- George B :: Specialty Manufacturing

Their fast due dilligence made it possible for us to maintain control of our company
- Helen F. :: Middlewar Provider

They not only brought us the capital we needed to
restructure but provided invaluable intellectual capital that speeded our recovery.
- Sam S. :: Foodservices




35537 - 2528 Bayview Ave., Toronto M2L 2Y4
phone: 416.391.1100 | fax: 416.850.2114

Bayview Capital Corporation is a private equity firm that specializes in turnaround and restructuring opportunities for companies which have long-term viability in their products or services.  We offer tailored debt and equity solutions, human resource and management support, as well as provide our clients consulting services designed to support the day to day operations of the business.

Our capital support is structured in an efficient manner so as to provide optimum benefits in the best interests of the shareholders, management and our investors.  We work in collaboration with talented and energetic management in pursuit of a short-term change in operating performance, and a long-term sustainable and profitable venture.

We also assist in providing highly intellectual talent with specific knowledge in your business needs through our extensive network of value-creating professionals, as well as the tools to deliver timely and effective means of achieving our collective goals.

Our executive team members and board of directors have extensive experience in entrepreneurial start-ups, restructurings, turnarounds, distressed businesses, rapid growth and acquisitions.  Our value-add comes from the capital we can provide and from drawing on the significant talent and expertise from our team as well as our network.

We provide creative thought leadership and a collaborative approach to working with existing management.  Our offer lends to a productive relationship that enhances overall operating efficiency and effectiveness where beneficial to the enterprise value.

The due diligence approach that we employ offers quick and transparent communication to ensure your business is aware of our expedient research, and can meet your financing timelines.


Our experienced team predominantly operates in the Greater Toronto Area, however, we do extend offers and opportunities to other geographically convenient locations, including Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, Boston, and New York.

While we are flexible in the size of firm to sponsor and participate with, our typical target tends to have:

  • Sales of $5 million to $25 million
  • Debt and Equity liquidity requirements up to $10 million
  • Between 10 and 100 employees
  • A talented, experienced and ambitious management team with embedded financial interests
  • A proven and focused product or service with long-term sustainability potential
  • Require Receivables financing to assist in utilizing capital for growth opportunities
  • Requiring capital relief to support a radical restructuring of the balance sheet
  • Firms that do not have high financial concentration in client base, suppliers or commodities
  • Industries include:  Financial Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Technology, Healthcare, Food Services, Consumer Products, Waste Management and Real Estate.